A brief description

The QWin company deals with wholesale customer service and provides the highest quality products perfectly tailored to a client’s needs. It does this mainly by trading in goods related to interior decoration.

During realization of this project, it was necessary to create the whole visual identification: the trademark that the customer would use, the color and font, the website that would showcase the company, as well as a set of business cards and gadgets.


During creating the logo, I decided on a closed space symbolizing the interior. In this case, thanks to the short company’s name, there is no separate symbol and the entire name is contained in the separate space. Thanks to its simple design, it works well in various fields.

Użyte fonty


The main colors of the brand are shades of gray and red. It results from the assumption that these color photos should be the main information.

There were also three additional colors used that reflect parts of the company, aquamarine - administration, blue - contact with a client, orange - products.

Designed icon set

Design of the website

It is a multi-stage project. Creating a website which is a showcase of the company was the first stage. However, the site had to be prepared in such a way that in the next stage it would be possible to connect to it an online store serving wholesale customers.


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